Carriwell margnota brjóstagjafainnlegg merino ull

Vörunúmer: CW woolen breastpads

Naturally the perfect way to warm and sooth sensitive breasts

Pure soft and breathable Merino wool, absorbs milk and keeps your nipples warm and dry. This reduces the risk of mastitis and cracked nipples.

Soft: The fine, breathable and soft Merino wool absorbs milk and keeps your nipples warm and dry.

Warm: Wool keeps your breasts warm helping to prevent blocked milk ducts and mastitis. 

Comfort: Wool attracts moisture away from the skin maximizing dryness and comfort. 

Natural: You can trust that Carriwell Merino wool has not been dyed or been exposed to any harmful chemical.

One size only (12cm). 

100% natural merino wool+



For your sensitive breast and nipples, a Carrwell breast pad with soft Merino wool is most comfortable solution.

Absorbent:�To prevent leakage this breast pad is designed with an extra thick layer breathable of Merino Wool.

Made in Denmark: Carriwell breast pads are manufactured under controlled conditions in Denmark to insure quality of these essential products for nursing mums with sensitive nipples.

Reusable: Carriwell breast pads are washable.