Bystroom Kit

Vörunúmer: Bystroom Kit

Changing kit with changing pad, toiletry bag and bottle holder. The changing kit is made of materials that are easy to clean. Is supplied in a simple unisex gray color and is included as a standard accessory in mostof byStrooms changing bags.

The changing pad is made of towel cloth on the side to lay on and is water repellent on the other. The color is gray with print and a black border. The changing pad goes well with all our products including our toiletrie bagwith the same print. See the bag here.
Can be washed on 40 degrees.




Length: 61.5


Width: 43.5


The toilet bag is gray with all-over print and is lined in a light gray. The toilet bag is easy to clean with a wet cloth, the material is water and dirt resistant. The bag has a large compartment with three pockets.


Height: 18 cm.


Length: 24 cm.


Width: 10 cm.


The bottle warmer can keep beverages cold and warm -  essentialwhen on trips with baby.
The bottle warmer has zip closure and also has a strap.