Boob Breton l/s top tofu/midnight blue - röndótt meðgöngu - og gjafapeysa

Vörunúmer: Boob 2206 2466

Falleg og kósý peysa úr 100% lífrænni bómull. Tilvalin á meðgöngunni og í brjóstagjöfina með góðu gjafaaðgengi.

Vönduð flík með klassískum Breton röndum.

100% lífræn bómull. Má þvo á 40'C.

Staðalvottun samkvæmt STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® og GOTS.

Allur fatnaður frá Boob er framleiddur undir ströngustu mannúðar- og umhverfiskröfum. Fatnaður Boob er 100% lífrænn.  Græn og væn framleiðsla og fyrir áhugasama mælum við með að lesa um stefnu Boob design hér:


The sweater that will make you fall in love and never want to part with. An extra layer of fabric completely hides Boob’s smart nursing access. Lift it aside, and you’ll easily be able to nurse through the center opening. Timeless Breton stripes in a slightly heavier organic cotton.

  • Length from shoulder: 63 cm (24 ¾”) in size M
  • Sustainable material: 100% organic cotton
  • Machine wash: Delicate cycle, warm (40°)
  • Certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Certified according to GOTS
  • Made in Greece by Savas

When you buy a garment from Boob, you buy a product that has been produced with care. Some of this you can see and feel for yourself, when you wear our clothes. What may be less obvious is the care we show for everything involved in the production; the people and the environment. To us, it’s a given. Individuals and companies alike, we all have the power to make choices that work either for or against a future. At Boob, we make clothes for the future.

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